Knox County marriage records, 1860-1866

Description: Measures approximately 12” x 18” x 2.825.” This book has an off-white stained fabric cover with no printing or lettering. It appears to cover the original leather or leatherette cover. On the spine, in press-printed or stenciled letters and arranged vertically in 6 lines: MARRIAGE, RECORD, 1860-1866, F, KNOX, COUNTY. Inside the front cover and on the first endpaper is a marble over red abstract design. These are followed by one blank fly leaf. Then begins the index. There are twenty-six index pages, each with an alphabetical tab. Some letters on pages which were filled were continued on pages with only a few entries, for example, “Letter W Continued” and several entries appears on the bottom of the page for Y. Entries appear as Groom’s name, “to”, bride’s name, page number. Each page has 45 lines for such handwritten entries.Immediately following the index are the Marriage licenses and certificates beginning with number 1 and ending with 1296. These numbers are hand written. These are on pages beginning with number 1 and ending with ending with 646. These numbers are stamped.Each page shows a marriage license and marriage certificate for two couples arranged vertically. They are pre-printed templates with spaces to be filled in by hand and signed by the county clerk (in the case of the license) and the officiant or “any person legally authorized to solemnize matrimony” (in the case of the certificate.)Verbiage for the license includes: “…the following marriage license was issued” and “…the following certificate was filed in my office…”Court seals are hand drawn and lettered and in some cases sport whimsical designs.The books ends as it began with a plain flyleaf and a marble over red abstract design endpaper. The back cover is the same as the front.
Origin: 1860-1866
Collection: Knox County Public Library
Copyright: No Copyright - United States
Geography: Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana, United States
Subjects: court records
domestic life
marriage certificates
marriage licenses
marriage registers

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