Knox County marriage licenses No.3, 1825-1840

Description: Marriage Licenses Issued 1825-1840 Book with light blue paperboard cover approx. 8.5” x 12”. The covers shows deterioration around edges, discoloration and light staining. On the cover, written in pen “No-3., Marriage Licenses Issued, From 1825-1840”Listings begin on the first page numbered “1” in a reddish, pinkish ink. In script at the top of each page: “Marriage Licenses Issued” Each page is divided into three columns headed “Names of Men,” “Names of Women,” and ”When Issued.” Month, day and year are recorded. The book begins with an entry on November 2, That corner of the first page is missing, but years on following lines begin at 1825. The beginning pages show a good deal of deterioration with missing corners, repairs with tape and missing information in some cases written in with the reddish, pinkish pen. Listings are in chronological order. No actual licenses appear in this book. It is just a listing of names and dates.There are thirty-five such pages with the last entry being February 4, 1840. 53 blank pages follow. The back cover is like the front cover except with no writing.
Origin: 1825
Collection: Knox County Public Library
Copyright: No Copyright - United States
Geography: Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana, United States
Subjects: court records
domestic life
marriage certificates
marriage licenses
marriage registers

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