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Knox County marriage licenses, 1807-1820

Description: 8.25 x 13.5 (approx..) book with blue paper/board cover and brown tape in the spine. All corners show wear. On the front cover “No1, Marriage Licenses From 1807 to 1820.” This appears to be in ink with some running. There are various stains and discolorations on the cover.Inside the front cover, written vertically from bottom to top “Daniel (or David) C Johnson November 18th 1825, unreadable character, 9”An index begins on the first left-hand leaf. Names followed by page numbers are written in two columns on each page. One alphabetic letter for each column, with full columns continuing in the columns of less used letters. For example in the “C” column is written “Transferred to X.”Following the index and beginning on the right hand page are marriage licenses arranged vertically with four to a page. There are 184 such pages with the leaf numbered 164/165 missing. Page number 165 is referenced in the index. In some cases a handwritten note at he bottom of the license verifies the couple was actually married. Other notes on the side(s) of licenses testify as to the age of the bride or consent from bride’s father.Stains, discoloration and deterioration are evident throughout the book whose back cover is of the same material as the front cover.
Origin: 1807-1820
Collection: Knox County Public Library
Copyright: No Copyright - United States
Geography: Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana, United States
Subjects: court records
domestic life
marriage certificates
marriage licenses
marriage registers

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