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Knox County marriage certificates, 1807-1832

Description: Knox County Marriage Certificates 1807-1832This is a hardbound book measuring approximately 8” x 13”. There is deteriorating leather or tape on the binding and on the corners. The cover appears to have at one time displayed a multi-colored marble design. The printing on the cover is not completely legible due to wear and age. It appears to say Marriage, Certificates, From, 1807, 1832.” “1832” is written in pan next to the printed year 1832 on the bottom line.” The number “4” is written in pen at the top of the front cover. This appears to be an original record of marriage certificates. The book is about an inch thick. There are what appear to be other illegible pen markings on the front cover. On the inside of the front cover in pen: “Feb 9, 1837 Hog.” In pencil below that “$1.50” The binding is deteriorating.The index appears to be a separate removable block of pages on the front of the outside in a decorated script: “Index, to, Certificates of Marriage, From 1807.Inclusive” after two blank pages, the index begins with alphabetical tabs (AB, CD, EF, etc.) Each page is arranged into two columns of groom’s names, followed by a page number. It appears that some names have been written in after the fact.Following the index block is a loose page with “Record of Marriage Certificates” written in an attractive script. The certificates are hand written and contain varying amounts of information. Some entries contain more than one marriage. Some are accompanied by notations that the certificate was filed on a date following the marriage. Pages are numbered in the upper outside corner 1-229 and labeled “kcpl_im_mc.1807-1832.037- kcpl_im_mc.1807-1832.206.
Origin: 1807-1832
Collection: Knox County Public Library
Copyright: No Copyright - United States
Geography: Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana, United States
Subjects: court records
domestic life
marriage certificates
marriage licenses
marriage registers

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