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Architectural details on Jordan Hall

Description: This photograph highlights the architectural details surrounding the windows on the north side of Jordan Hall. When this photograph was taken, the building was under construction and many of the windows had not been installed. The leaded glass windows were constructed of steel and bronze. The caption on the photograph says "carved pannels north elevation bldg #2." Today, most people would consider Jordan Hall to be one building, but during construction in was referred to as three separate buildings or units. An article in the May 19, 1927, issue of The Butler Collegian states that the basements and foundations (p. 1) had been completed and that "rapid progress on the work which remains to be done on the Arthur Jordan Memorial hall and the two recitation buildings included in the first unit on the construction program is expected" (p. 3). The separate sections referred to in the article are the recitation buildings, the east and west wings of Jordan Hall, and the Arthur Jordan Memorial Hall, the central portion of the building. This structure was considered to be the first unit on Butler University's new Fairview campus and there were plans to build other units in the future, based on a larger campus plan, most of which was never executed. For example, the plans called for men's and women's dormitories to be built near Jordan Hall as well as a College of Religion Building, which was to be constructed on the west side of Jordan Hall. Although Hinkle Fieldhouse and the Bud and Jackie Sellick Bowl were also constructed at the same time as Jordan Hall, they were built by the Butler University School of Physical Education and Athletics, a corporation created to pay for the construction of those structures, so they were not considered to be a part of the University's campus plan.
Origin: 1928-02-22
Created By: Bass Photo Company
Collection: Butler University Buildings and Grounds Collection
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Geography: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, 39.839068, -86.172590
Subjects: Construction projects
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