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Stone, Irving; 1944-12-26

Description: Copy of letter from Theodore Debs, 12/26/1944. Says that he trusts that the thought of Samuel Castleton did not mar the serenity of his week's rest. Writes that Samuel Castleton has not yet found a publisher. Remarks that he will send Stone a copy of the letter that he mailed to Samuel Castleton regarding his proposed book about Eugene V. Debs on 12/10/1944. Says that he saw where Stone interviewed Louis Kopelin, who used to work for the APPEAL TO REASON. Writes that Louis Kopelin was subscripted and had his picture on the front page of the APPEAL TO REASON after it came out in support of the war. Mentions that once the APPEAL TO REASON came out in favor of the war that its circulation collapsed and Louis Kopelin became known as a traitor to the cause. Asks that Stone tell him if he interviewed August Claessens at the Rand School yet. Suggests that Stone interview James Oneal who was a member of the Socialist Party from the beginning. Remarks that James Oneal served as editors of both the NEW YORK CALL and NEW LEADER during his career as a socialist. Says that the money that the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD gave to Eugene V. Debs in the last years of his life was used to pay his medical expenses and pay for a trip to Bermuda. Informs Stone that what Eugene V. Debs did with his money has no connection to his work as a socialist or humanitarian.
Origin: 1944-12-26
Collection: Eugene V. Debs Correspondence
Subjects: Castleton, Samuel
Debs, Theodore, 1864-1945. Correspondence
Famous Hoosiers

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