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Burial of war chief Tob-bass

Description: "The Burial of War Chief Tob-bass, 1830 Obtained from Humphrey Cass. Upper Prophet's Town." (title from verso of first page) AMs, 4 p. (2 sheets, one folded; written on back of preprinted insurance forms)
Tob-bass lived on the banks of Turkey Creek, and he was a great war chief who participated in the confederacy established by Tecumseh and the Prophet. He was among the many chiefs who met in council at Prophet's Town in 1811 and fought in the Battle of Tippecanoe. He survived that battle, and ironically was shot outside his own wigwam in 1836 by a young Indian, without provocation. Runners were sent to his relatives in Michigan to assemble for the funeral. Tob-bass was placed in a rude casket, and he was buried along with earth collected by his relatives from inside and just outside his wigwam. His rifle, tin cup, and some tobacco were placed within the coffin. His favorite horse was sacrificed on the grave, as tradition demanded it be available for its master to ride in the spirit world. These facts were related to G.W. by Humphrey Carr, who lived near Tob-bass1 village at that time, at Carr's cabin at UpperProphet's Town, Oct. 2, 1871.
Origin: 1871
Created By: Winter, George, 1810-1876;
Contributor(s): Carr, Humphrey
Publisher: Tippecanoe County Historical Association
Collection: George Winter
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Subjects: Indians of North America
Tribal chiefs
Funeral rites & ceremonies

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