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Billy Sunday Preaches

Description: Script at bottom of postcard reads, "Sunday telling the story of the college Poffessor commanding the student to hold his book in his left hand. The student answers, 'Sir I hae no left hand.' Decatur, Ill."
Sunday's campaign in Decatur, Illinois began in February 1908 and resulted in 6,700 conversions. This image provides a lot of details about the campaign. One can see the choir on the rear part of the stage with a piano in the fore ground. There is a chair on the platform. It could have been placed there as one of Sunday's props as he was known for breaking chairs on the pulpit to illustrate a point. An American flag is tucked behind the pulpit and that was there for Sunday's use.
Created by: C. U. Williams, Bloomington, Ill.
Collection: Grace College - Winona Lake Postcards
Copyright: Contact Morgan Library, Winona Lake, IN for copy and usage permissions

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