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Ger (or yurt) model

Description: This is a model of a Mongolian home called a yurt or ger. It is said that Mongolians do not appreciate the term yurt as much as ger, because yurt is the term used by Western invaders. Many Mongols are nomadic people, thus ger make wonderful homes because they are completely portable. The structure is made of wooden lattice walls (quana), a door, a roof ring (toghona), roof poles (uni), and a felt cover (isegei.) All of these materials can be packed on one draft animal and then set up again in about a half hour. The home is both warm in cold weather and cool during summer months. If you look in the small door of this model, you can see traditional décor and furnishings inside. Usually, the more decorated a ger, the wealthier the owner.
Collection: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Copyright: This file is licensed under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.
Subjects: Mongolia
Mongolia -- History

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