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Elephant “proverb pot”

Description: This elephant most likely served as a "proverb pot." Among Akan peoples of Ghana, animal imagery often stands for proverbs, short, traditional sayings that express beliefs, lessons or truths. One Akan proverb states: "When an elephant steps on a trap, no more trap." In West African cultures, elephants often represent power and prestige due to their size and strength. They are commonly used as symbols for people in important positions, such as chiefs and kings. Elephants are also admired for other attributes, such as longevity, intelligence, memory, loyalty and their societal nature.
Collection: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Copyright: This file is licensed under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.
Geography: Ghana
Subjects: Pots
Akan (African people)
Akan (African people)--Social life and customs
Elephants in art

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