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Baker family

Description: Studio photograph of a man, woman and child believed to be the Baker family. The man is seated in a chair with his hands resting on the arms. He is wearing a suit jacket, pants with cuffs and boots. There is a pin on the lapel of the suit. He has a beard and mustache. His hair is parted to the side. The woman is standing beside him one hand resting on his shoulder and the other hand resting on the young girl's shoulder. She has a ring on her left hand that is believed to be a wedding band. She is dressed in a blouse with long sleeves with ruffled cuffs, and collar. It is fastened with double row of buttons with a scalloped placket. The skirt is fastened by buttons in the front and is floor length. Her shoes are button. Her hair is parted in the middle and pulled back with a bun. The young girl is standing in front of the woman. She is wearing a white eyelet with collarless neckline trimmed in lace and sleeves to the elbow trimmed in lace also. The arm resting on her father's arm has a ribbon tied around it and she is wearing a ring on her hand. She is wearing leggings under the dress and shoes that button. Her hair is parted in the middle and tied in the back with a bow.
Origin: 2002
Collection: Princeton Public Library
Copyright: Copyright Undetermined
Subjects: Families
Children's clothing & dress
Women's clothing
Men's clothing

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