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Journal on a trip to Indian Council 1838

Description: Journal"Journal on a trip to Indian Council 1838"AMs, 22p. (11 sheets; written in pencil and ink)Account of trip to Rochester on July 18, with a party including [Elihu] Kendall and "Wilson." Description of the forested countryside, but with occasional clearings beyond the village of Eldridge. They passed a number of houses, but nobody was at home. They did pass a rough log schoolhouse full of children, which inspired G.W. to imagine the great things they might accomplish as adults. The day was hot, and they made frequent stops to rest. Appreciation of the beauties of the countryside. They reached Rochester at 7:00 p.m., ate dinner; various highjinks associated with arranging their beds for the night. The next morning they left Rochester for the council ground, passing the Tippecanoe River, but soon met some friends returning from the council. From them they learned that the council had already ended, unsuccessfully. They then visited Devil's Lake near Rochester and afterwards started back to Logansport. Although they were defeated in their aim of attending the Council, it(over)was still a memorable and pleasant trip.After 5 blank pages: panegyric on the beauty of the Indian maiden No-cum-mick-qua, who was buried by whites in an unknown location.On last page: fragmentary sentences, apparently from letters; several salutations and G.W.'s signatures; letter heading dated August 5, 1843.
Origin: 1838
Created By: Winter, George, 1810-1876;
Publisher: Tippecanoe County Historical Association
Collection: George Winter
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Subjects: Winter, George, 1810-1876--Diaries

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