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Indiana Territory Capitol Building, Vincennes, Indiana, circa 1940

Description: Known as the first capitol building in the Indiana Territory, this house in Vincennes, Indiana was one of four buildings where the governor of the territory, William Henry Harrison, and the legislature met between 1800 and 1813. According to family members, the photo was taken in 1928 by Mildred Rickets.Built between 1804 and 1806, the house originally sat on Main Street, between Second and Third Streets, and was the home and shop of tailor Daniel Black. It was built with a timber frame and pinned with wooden pegs. Fur trader Thomas Jones bought the house in 1806 and rented it to a man named Parmenas Beckes who ran it as a tavern and boarding house. It was here in 1811 where members of the Indiana territory legislature stayed and met from 1811-1813.In 1856, the building was moved from Main Street to 917 North Third Street, where it remained until 1919 when it was purchased by the Women's Fortnightly Club and moved to Harrison Park. It was moved again in 1947 to what became known as the Vincennes State Historic Site and includes the Red House, the home of Governor Harrison (known as Grouseland), as well as several other historic structures.Originally, the house was painted red and was referred to in many documents from the time as "The Red House," a fact confirmed by an early 21st century restoration that found traces of the original color. Since then, the house has been painted red to reflect to its origins. It remains open to visitors as of 2019.
Origin: 1928
Collection: Indiana Album
Geography: Scott Street, Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana, United States
Subjects: Joan Gray Collection
Indiana Territory, 1800-1813
Vincennes (Ind.)
Knox County (Ind.)

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