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French Lick Springs Hotel employees by a gazebo, French Lick, Indiana, circa 1910

Description: Written on the lower half of this postcard is "Yarmoth Wigginton". Mr. Wigginton (1869-1923) was listed in the census as a water server at French Lick Springs Hotel. He is seen next to the entrance of one of the Pluto Water springs, dressed as the hotel's Pluto Water mascot .When Nature Won't, Pluto Will" was the slogan for Pluto Water, a natural mineral salts water known for its laxative properties. It was bottled in French Lick, Indiana, and served at local resorts. Per a visitor, spa guests sipped the spring water from a dipper and strolled through the gardens where outhouses were conveniently placed. Mr. Wigginton was a well-respected town resident, and was remembered in the Springs Valley Herald just after his death in 1923."Springs Valley Herald (December 6, 1923)The Valley has indeed lost one of its most valuable assets in the person of Yarmouth Wigginton, known throughout the community as "Pluto." Born in Bloomfield, Ky. more than 50 years ago. He came to French Lick in 1888 and here he had toiled and made a reputation to be envied by the highest as well as the lowly. In every avenue of life where true manhood and courage of conviction was required, he was there, to play his part for the advancement of his race and the community. He realized to the fullest that no part of a community can be regraded or kept down without lowering the remaining part. Thus he worked not only for uplift, but interracial understanding. Such a citizen, though humble, may not walk Legislative halls, nor boast of College Degrees, leans a silent influence that makes the coming generation, better citizens, place to his ashes, and comfort to his family. Twas truly the passing of a great man whom the community will find it hard to replace. Floral tributes came from many family friends in various cities. Submitted by Tom Agan.WIGGINTON, Yarmouth C., Springs Valley Herald (December 13, 1923) Death Notice -- Yamen C. Wigginton (colored) passed away last Thursday at his home on Wells Ave. after an illness of about two weeks. He had been a prominent personage about the French Lick Springs Hotel for many years and for a long time dipped water for guest at the famous Pluto Spring and from this fact he was perhaps better known by the name of "Pluto" by residents of the Valley and visitors to the Springs. He was a man of genial and happy disposition and no one could hold a grouch very long if brought under his radiant play of wit and humor. He was a member of the Colored Knights of Pythias, The Uniform Rank of that order, the Masonic Lodge and various other civic organizations in the valley. Several years ago he was converted and became a member of the A. M. E. Church of which he lived a consistent member up to the time of his death. He was an exemplary life and character and he will not only be missed by his own race for whom he was ever striving to help and uplift, but by his many white friends in the Valley and also by the thousands of visitors to the Springs who knew him personally from his long connection with the hotel.He was the editor of the column of Colored Notes which have been published in the Herald for some time. He did this for the purpose of showing to the community what the Colored people are doing for their own endeavor with a hope that a better understanding of the colored people by the whites of the community would be helpful to both races. The body lay in state at the A. M. E. Church on Wells Ave. till Sunday afternoon when funeral services were conducted by his pastor and the body was laid to rest in the Colored K. of P. cemetery at Mt. Lebanon, the Uniform Rank, Ross Company No. 5, having charge of the burial services."
Origin: 1910, circa
Collection: Indiana Album
Geography: French Lick, Orange County, Indiana, United States
Subjects: French Lick Springs Hotel (Ind.)
French Lick (Ind.)
Orange County (Ind.)

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