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Map of Ft. Wayne Vicinity

Description: Map of Fort Wayne, Indiana and vicinity. Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society dates map about 1880.
This image file was derived from a 300 dpi, 24-bit, uncompressed TIFF image that was scanned from the original using a HP Scan Jet 4c scanner with Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 and Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional scanning software, default color configuration
Map of Ft Wayne and Vicinity. J.S. Poinsett, A. Schist, J. Lillie, J. Thumb, J. Archer's Est., A.P. Edgerton, H.J. Rudisill, C. Figle, C.L. Centliver [Centlivre], F. Eckert, W.H. Withers, H.C. Hanna. H. Steup, A.H. Hamilton, E. Hamilton, M. Williams, M. Hamilton, E. Hamilton, M. Williams, M.V. Hamilton, M. Hamilton, M. Williams, M.V. Hamilton, M. Hamilton, M. Hamilton, A. Hamilton, A.H. Hamilton, M. Hamilton, A.H. Hamilton, E. Hamilton, M. Williams, M. Williams, M. Hamilton, E. Hamilton., A.H. Hamilton, E. Hamilton, M.V. Hamilton, M. Williams, M. Hamilton, A. H. Hamilton, E. Hamilton, M. Hamilton, I. N. Rosenthal, A.H. Hamilton, H.G. Wagner, A.C. Trentman, Geo. Trenem, A. Hattersley, J. Lillie, H.G. Wagoner.C.F. Pfeiffer, H.J. Rudisill, P. Certia, M.C. Frend, M.E. Rudisill, C. Huburtus, N. Huburtus, Jno E. Hill, J.T. Hanna, C & S.T. Hanna, C.L. Carnahan, T. Hanna, I. Bush Hrs., S.T. Hanna's Est. H.H. Hanna’s Hrs, E. Hayden.H.B. Hrs., J. Beneit, Rt. Rev. Jos. Dwenger, F.U., M. Mettler, I.B. & J.M.S., J.W.D., I. Lewis Hrs., J.H. Barnetts Hrs., E. Barnett, G.F.G. Meyer, M.W. Hunfords Hrs., E. Anderson, E. Anderson, Jos. Smiths, S.E.K., T.S., E.W., T. B. Hedekin, L.M. Snyder, Baltes, Koenig & Wagoner, M.I. Baker, S.C. Taber.S. B. Bevertem, E. Sinks, Dosewell Brady, Jno. Orff, C. Wilkins, M.B., K. Baker, J.K. Edgerton, W.L., M.A.D., E & L., E. Neff, Jos. Rich, J.T. Kelsey, W.R. Nelson, J.F., J.D. Wm.R. Nelson, H.W. Fry, J.C. Peters, H.W.F., Jac. Fry, Wm. R. Nelson, T. & W, Wm. Hattendorf,. H.B. Reed, J.H. Schrader, F. Wetel., F. Baade, Chas. McCulloch, J.C. Peters, Hugh McCulloch.Jessie Taber, W.H.H. Miller, W.H.H. Miller, B. Schnelker Est., Houghs Est., Jno. Begue, Jno. Houghs, Est., J. Begue, B. Schnelkers, Est., E.A. Orff, E.A. Orff, J. Taber, S.C. Pefferman, P. Taber, P.A. Hamilton, P. Harter, Geo. W. McCoy, J. McCoy, Geo. W. McCoy, J.B. White. Thom. Swinney Hrs., Swinney Hrs., Swinney Hrs., R.E. Fleming, S.C. Evans, College, C.A.I., C.A. Taber, Eliza Hanna, P.C. Winch, J.B. White, M.C. Jefferds, E. Vordermark Hrs., H.S., C. Piepenbrink. Thos. W. Swinney's Hrs., C. Nuttman, F., A.D.B., E.E.C., G., Geo. Fox.V. Baier, E.J. Breckenridge, E. Whitmore, J.G. Stalker, O.S. Hanna, E.J. Breckenridge, C., J.M. Riedmiller, S.C.M., E. Whitmore, M. Swart, G. Esmona.B.T. Thompson, J.W. Hayden, D.W. Jones, J. Fay, M.M., B., J.M.F., F., J.M., S.E.B., E. Evans. J.T.P., J.F., B.D. Miner, A.D. Brandriff, Dille, J.S. Mason, A. Zollers, E. Rosenthal, A. Weber, J. Klett, Emery, A. Zollers, A & H.G. Trentman, A. Blum, J. Ryan, J. Lynch, C & H. & H.W. Aldrich, F.E. Cour, J.G. Kimball, E.A. Orff, A.C. Beavers, C. Hills, M.H. Webb, J.T. Poor, J.K., C. Hill, D. Bleck, C. Hill. C.K. Fairfield, S.B. Bond, A.D. Brandriff, J.S. Pierce, G.W. Ewing, C. Root, G.W. Ewing.I.A. Bond, S.B. Bond, R. Ninde, D.M. Ninde, B.C. Ninde, C.E. Weetser, Jac. Foellinger.I.A. Bond, B.C. Ninde, L. Knapp, M.S. Taylor, R.S. Taylor, Jac. Foellinger, M.A. Fisher, J.O. Cole, I. Hewey, L.A. Bond, M. Mommer.Williams Grove, 1st Nat. Bank, M.A. Miller, C.J.A. Cour, J. Bleeke, J. Bleckman, J.A.F., M.C.S., M.C.F., H.E. Hoagland, E.C. Rudisill, T.C. M.., Fleming & Bond, J.H. Bass, H. Paul, J. Ormiston, J. Ormiston, M. Kohler, E.H. & H.J. Stein, E. Rudisill, L & A. Ormiston, L & A. Ormiston, M. Jergens, G. Trier.L.C. Paine, S. Fregmaon, H. McCulloch, E. Colerick, S. Colerick, D.H. Colerick, T.C. Schafer, H. McKinnie.H.B. McCulloch, J.K. Edgerton, F.S., Jos., F.E. Perrin, E.S., J.K.E., P.C. Winche, J.K., J.I., J.K., J.M. Miller, P.P., C.W., C.P., P.P., P.M., F. Bose, J.J.B., C. Miller.A.B. Wiley Etal, J.K. Edgerton, J.R. Edgerton, C.A. Zollinger, A. Schele, J. Violand, P. Edsan.H. Burgess, A. Daub, N. Evans, J.H. Bass, S. Sinclair, H.A. Fillson, M. Geary, Wm. Geary, Jr., B. Trentman, J.F. W. Hartman, D &. Shook, J.L. Williams, C. Bromes, F. Martin. E.A. Orff, Jackson & Saganaw R.R.[Rail Road, Railroad]; St. Joseph Turnpike; G.R.[Grand Rapids] & J. [Jackson] R.R.; Feeder Canal; Orphan Asylum; Ft. W. Agr. Wrks. [Fort Wayne Agricultural Works]; Ft.W. J & S. R.R. Co.[Fort Wayne, Jackson and Saganaw Railroad Company]; Wells Preemtn; Ft.W. Hicksville, Turnpike; Wigman Ditch; St. Joseph River; Maumee River; Park; City Gravel Pit; Ft. W. M & C. R.R. [Fort Wayne, Muncie and Cincinnati Railroad]; Fair Grounds; ME [Methodist Episcopal] College; City G.P.; College; R.R. Co.; City of Fort Wayne; Court House; Military Res. [Reservation]; P. Ft.W.& C. R.R. Co. [Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad Company]; Ger. Luth. [German Lutheran] Concordia College; Ft. W. & N.H. Turn Pike [Fort Wayne and New Haven Turnpike]; Gravel Pit, Cath. Cem. [Catholic Cemetery]; Old Cem. [Cemetery]; Wabash R.R. Co.; Stockyards, P. Ft. W. & C. R.R. Co. [Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad Company]; St. Marys River; Ger. Ref. [German Reformed]; Luth. [Lutheran Hospital], Organ Fac. [Factory]; 1st [First] Nat. [National]Bank, Luth. [Lutheran] Concordia College; Allen Co. [County] Poor Farm; Infirmary; Toll House; School; Mill. One fourth mile, one half mile, one mile, one and one half mile, two miles.
Origin: ca. 1880
Collection: History Center Digital Collections
Copyright: Copyright The History Center (Fort Wayne). All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without permission. Requests for reproduction and use should be sent to The History Center: to The History Center collection provided by Purdue University Fort Wayne.
Subjects: Fort Wayne (Ind.)--Maps
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Wells Pre-emption (Fort Wayne, Ind.)

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