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1969-1970 Key Club International Board

Description: Keynoter: Seated around the table in the Kiwanis International Building Board Room in Chicago are: (from left) Trustees Michael Thomas, Harry D. Norton, Randolph E. Mozley, Scott D. Miller, Blake Johnson, Stephen Hessert, Secretary Robert P. Barton, Key Club International Assistant Director Gary R. McCord, Vice President Robert A. Schaefer Jr., President Reid C. James. Vice President Rick Haydon, Key Club International Director Robert F. Lucas, Trustees Kenneth W. Blumenthal, Richard M. Barkett, Timothy J. Doke, Thomas L. Brennan III, John E. Freund, Rick O. Williams, and Kiwanis International Vice Preisdent Lorin J. Badskey.
Origin: 1969
Collection: Kiwanis International
Copyright: Copyright Trustees of Indiana University
Subjects: Kiwanis International
Key Club International (Organization)
James, Reid C.
McCord, Gary R.
Lucas, Robert F.
Badskey, Lorin J.
Thomas, Michael
Norton, Harry D.
Mozley, Randolph E.
Miller, Scott D.
Johnson, Blake
Hessert, Stephen
Barton, Robert P.
Schaefer, Robert A., Jr.
Haydon, Rick
Blumenthal, Kenneth W.
Barkett, Richard M.
Doke, Timothy J.
Brennan, Thomas L., III
Freund, John E.
Williams, Rick O.

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