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Cleaning staff receiving checks from Max Cavanaugh

Description: Caption: "Nineteen on Housekeeping Staff Get Bonus Checks. Congratulations to 19 members of the housekeeping staff, first to receive $10 bonus checks for the best work on the job! Rated by their superiors, over a three-month period, for efficiency, cooperation with others, reliability and good attendance records, check winners are: Levi Bracy, Mrs. Catherine Harris, Ball Residence; Willie Jones, Coleman; Mrs. Lillie Glover, Dental School; Jim Ragland, Downtown Center; Mrs. laura Edwards, Fesler Hall; William Godfrey, Willie Brown, General Housekeeping; Mrs. Ella Brown, Law School; Mrs. Leona Jones, Essex Lauray, George Mockabee, Mrs. Pauline Morrow, Long; Mrs. Waldene Edmonds, Fred Kinnebrew, Medical Science; Roger Bell, Psychiatric Research; Mrs. Mattie Biggers, Mrs. Ora Walker, Research Unit; Mrs. Robbie Ross, Riley. The bonus policy is a new program of the housekeeping department. Its some 200 workers, divided into groups, are given performance ratings every three months. Those ranking in the upper 10 percent of each group receive a $10 bonus for each of the following three months or a total of $30. First checks were issued Feb. 1."
Publisher: The Reporter, vol. 3, number 6 (March 1960), page 2
Collection: IUPUI Image Collection
Copyright: Copyright Trustees of Indiana University
Geography: Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, United States,
Subjects: IUPUI (Campus)
Cavanaugh, Max V.
Bracy, Levi
Harris, Catherine
Jones, Willie
Lauray, Essex
Mockabee, George
Glover, Lillie
Ragland, Jim
Edwards, Laura
Godfrey, William
Brown, Willie
Brown, Ella
Jones, Leona
Morrow, Pauline
Edmonds, Waldene
Kinnebrew, Fred
Bell, Roger
Biggers, Mattie
Walker, Ora
Ross, Robbie

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