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Spinning wheel

Description: Table of even width sloped downward towards wheel. Three turned legs; each with bulbous foot and slight bulge midway along length tapering at either end. Hoop rim ten-spoke wheel (44" dia., 2-1/2"W rim). Spokes flare toward rim. Turned wheel support with three incised lines encircling area near axle. Minor's head complete. threaded rod tensioning device; rod sets through pivoting spindle post and threads through small upright (4-1/2"H) on far side near front end grain. Remains fo manufacturing label on back side of mother-of-all. (A) = table; (B) = wheel; (C) = front leg; (D) = back leg; (E) = back leg; (F) = wheel support; (G) = spindle post; (H) = threaded rod; (I) = post for mother-of-all; (J) = mother-of-all; (K) = front maiden; (L) = back maiden; (M) = spindle; (N) = accelerating head.
Collection: Conner Prairie Traditional Craft - Preservation and Reproduction
Copyright: No Copyright – United States
Subjects: Spinning wheels

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