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Ann Christiansen sampler

Description: Needlework picture stitched in silk thread on linen, with verse in center and floral vine around perimeter, signed "Ann Christian, aged 10 years, Aubuts 15, 1836," verse is cross stitched in dark brown silk, over one thread, on top layer of two layers of linen ground, no stitches of the verse appear on the reverse, floral border is embroidered in shades of green, gold, beige and yellow silk (seam of reverse shows that originally some of the pale colors were brighter pink, yellow and bittersweet but have faded), stitches are long and short and satin, crudely worked through both layers of the ground linen; reverse side shows knots, ends and long carries of thread between floral elements, top surface linen is more open weave; under layer has a more tightly beaten finish; edges of linen layers are turned under and the two pieces are shipped together; originally sampler was nailed to board around four sides, and set into frame.
Sampler verses are not usually original compositions. This verse is documented on several other American and English samplers. Ann Christian stitched the verse in cross stitch and embroidered the floral border. The colors have faded and the linen has darkened where it rested against a wooden board. Stitches include cross stitch, long and short stitch, satin, chain, and straight stitch.
Origin: 1836
Created By: Christian, Ann
Collection: Conner Prairie Museum Textile Collection
Copyright: No Copyright – United States
Subjects: Textile fabrics -- History

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