Houseboat and cooking boat model

Description: This boat model is from Kashmir, in the far north of India. A houseboat like this might have belonged to Maharajah (Indian royalty). The main boat is fitted with furnishings to make the occupants comfortable. The small boat that follows houses the kitchen where all the foods are prepared. To keep cooking smells away from the occupants of the houseboat, the kitchen boat trails some distance behind the main boat. When meals are ready to be served, the rope is shortened, pulling the kitchen boat next to the houseboat. In Kashmir, you also see "hotel houseboats" on the lakes. Some are luxury hotels with shaded sundecks and plush interiors.
Collection: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Copyright: Creative Commons (CC By-SA 3.0);
Geography: India
Subjects: Jammu and Kashmir (India)
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