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Baby Louie

Description: Baby Louie is a very unique dinosaur specimen representing an unknown giant species of oviraptor with some very bird-like characteristics. This Late Cretaceous specimen consists of the fossilized remains of a small dinosaur emerging from an egg. Named after the National Geographic photographer and noted author, Louie Psihoyos, these well-preserved dinosaur bones are perhaps among the most important known to science. While most embryonic remains are jumbled piles of bones, Baby Louie is extremely rare in that the bones are intact and well articulated.
Collection: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Copyright: This file is licensed under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.
Subjects: Oviraptor
Paleontology -- Cretaceous
Dinosaurs -- Infancy
Dinosaurs -- Eggs

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