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Hanukkah teddy bear

Description: What religion do you think this teddy bear practices? The round cap on his head, prayer shawl around his neck and six-pointed stars on his feet show that he is Jewish! The cap, called a kiphah or yarmulke, is worn by Jewish men during worship, religious study, mealtime, or other occasions. The prayer shawl, or tallit, is worn during morning prayers. The fringes at the ends of the tallit, according to the Bible (Numbers 15.38-39), remind the worshiper of God's commandments. The six-pointed stars on the bear's feet refer to the Star of David. David was a Judeo-Christian folkhero who lived around 1000 BC to whom many biblical psalms are attributed and who is credited with politically and militarily uniting the ancient Israelite amphictyony (an association of neighboring states in ancient Greece to defend a common religious center) into a centralized kingdom with Jerusalem as its capital. David is said to have planned for the Temple which his son and successor, Solomon, built.
Collection: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
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Subjects: Hanukkah
Teddy bears
Jews -- History -- 586 B.C.-70 A.D.

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