Teachers' School Contracts for Washington Township - 1882 - 1885

Description: This book contains only teachers' contracts from the Washington Township, Hendricks County from September 1882 - September 1885. The teachers include: J. A. McClain, William Merritt, Lusena S. Guthrie, O. H. Pike, Jennie P. Wright, Eli S. Euliss, S. W. Wills, C. C. Hadley, Rena S. Guthrie, Cora Patterson, William E. Gossett, J. C. Pike, Luella Shipman, Jerry A. McClain, D. D. Pike, J. P. Hornaday, William Merritt, Eli S. Euliss, O. A. Pike, W. R. Gillespie, Hilda Hornaday, Jesse C. Pike, Luela Shipman, Rena Guthrie, O. H. Pike, J. A. McClain, W. E. Gossett, William Merritt, Henry Bray, D. D. Pike, Cora Patterson, William Merritt, J. O. Winsted, Hilda Hornaday, Mary E. King, Sarah C. Dickinson, Clara B. Hadley, Annis S. Hornaday, J. A. McClain, D. D. Pike, J. H. Hayworth, A. W. Kellens, N. H. Hurin, William E. Gossett
Origin: 1885
Source: http://avtp.ent.sirsi.net/client/default/search/results?qu=Teachers'+School+Contracts+for+Washington+Township+-+1882+-+1885&te=ASSET
Collection: Avon-Washington Township Public Library
Subjects: Avon History
Avon Schools

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